Digital Business Projects, Made Easy

We screen, filter and shortlist the right experts,
agencies or freelancers for your project. Then, our
project managers supervise delivery, on time and on budget.


We access a global pool of talented Experts and manage projects for you

  • First, we review your detailed requirements
  • Then, QuoteSift screens, filters and shortlists qualified experts
  • You review quotes and select the best expert or team
  • Accredited project managers get your work done
  • We take care of all back office functions, including billing
  • You save management time, effort and cost

Globally and locally sourced talent delivers results, on time and on budget

  • Submit your requirements
  • We assign an accredited project manager
  • We guide project specification and planning
  • Get your shortlist and project quotes
  • We filter and screen so you don't have to
  • You select from a shortlist of qualified experts
  • Guaranteed milestone delivery
  • You only pay for completed milestones
  • Your project manager monitors delivery

Get your shortlist and project manager to get work done

  • No searching, no lengthy discussions with multiple suppliers, no misunderstandings
  • We shortlist 3 to 4 of the most appropriate experts for you
  • You get pre-qualified experts with their profiles and price quotes
  • Meet and select the best experts or teams
  • Accredited project managers provide oversight and get your work done
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